Swine Flu Kills 2 More, Vaccine Policies Questioned

Swine flu kills 2 more, raises questions about vaccines

Swine flu, or H1N1 virus, has claimed the lives of two young children in Northern Ireland.

In just a few hours, authorities explained a two-year-old boy and a 10-month-old boy, both having swine flu, had died.

According to authorities, the 10-month baby had prior health issues as well.

The health history of the two-year-old is unknown as the family has requested that information to remain private at this time.

In Northern Ireland alone, the swine flu has now claimed the lives of 19 people this season.

These deaths have raised questions about the current vaccination policy. Currently, only infants and those with increased health risks under the age of five are receiving vaccinations. These deaths may cause officials to change the existing policy.

Some medical officials explain that the policies should remain in tact, and believe vaccinating all young children may lead to additional potential health issues.

The Centers for Disease Control in the United States recommend everybody over 6 months old should be vaccinated.

This information may raise questions amongst Northern Ireland health experts and residents.