Mental Illnesses Difficult, Not Impossible To Detect

Mental illnesses are difficult but not impossible to detect

After the shootings in Tucson by Jared Loughner, many experts have been analyzing mental illnesses, their prevalence, and whether or not they can be treated before a tragedy occurs.

The mental health system has many flaws, but treatment options are becoming more readily available to those in need. Still, treatment options are less available and less sought when compared to physical illnesses.

Some experts believe people with mental illness are either in denial or afraid to seek help. Because of that, certain individuals may lose control or become violent.

Experts explain that while hard to detect, mental illnesses can usually be discovered by family and friends. Warning signs include an increase of alcohol consumption, becoming more isolated, drastic behavior or attitude changes, or becoming easily irritable.

Making it more difficult is that many of those warning signs may be related to increased workloads from school or work, and the stresses that result.

It is important to inform the public that mental illnesses are often treatable and they are more common than most individuals believe.

While most people suffering from mental illnesses are not physically violent, the risks still exist.

Providing adequate treatment for mentally ill individuals may prevent tragedies like the Arizona shootings from occurring in the future, some say.