Eating Steak May Reduce Cancer Risks

Containing CLA, steaks may be used to reduce cancer risks

Found in many kinds of meat, conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) contain many anti-cancer properties according to a 2009 report on breast cancer cell growth.

The study found that CLA may act as a preventative agent for many cancers.

One of the primary effects of conjugated linoleic acids may be the ability to assist with weight control. As obesity and excess body fat are known factors in many diseases, the ability to effectively control body weight is a large concern for many individuals.

Studies have shown that CLA can assist with weight issues by effectively increasing lean mass while reducing body fat.

Using recommended dosage levels, fat loss levels of nearly 100g per week can be achieved.

Important to know is that increases in lean mass and decreases in fat levels may not result in overall weight loss, but instead changes to body composition. Increasing lean mass also effectively increases resting metabolic rate and can help the body be more effective at burning calories when resting.

Experts explain that the supplementation of CLA itself is not the complete answer to obesity but may be an important resource.