Pain Medications May Cause Severe Health Issues, Unknown Overdoses

Pain medications may cause serious health issues

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued mandatory regulations to the makers of pills like Vicodin and Percocet. While these drugs are not being banned completely, the amount of acetaminophen allowed is being restricted. If the drugs cannot pass the new standards in three years, they will be shut down completely.

Scrutinized for the potential health dangers, acetaminophen, when taken in excess, has been known to cause severe liver damage and other significant health problems. Tylenol, a popular over-the-counter pain medication, contains the same acetaminophen and many users fail to realize that taking those drugs as well may be doubling or tripling their dosage.

Most people notice risks from taking too much acetaminophen, and some individuals even have problems from taking recommended doses.

Many of the higher-powered pain-killers contain both acetaminophen and codeine or oxycodone (opioids). Some experts would like to see the drugs banned completely, but the FDA is instead going to limit the potency of acetaminophen to 325 mg per pill, and require strict labeling.

Additional changes may be made in relation to the pain medication, but only time will tell.