Deadly Chemicals Abundant In Pregnant Women

Almost all pregnant women have traces of harmful chemicals in their bodies

A study from the University of California, San Francisco explained that a staggering number of pregnant women in the United States have traces of extremely toxic chemicals in their blood, and some chemicals are even illegal.

When analyzing 268 different pregnant women, every single woman had some trace of a variety of chemicals in their bloodstream or in their urine. Included in the list of chemicals are PCBs, PFCs, phenols, phthalates, organochlorine pesticides, and percholrate.

Some of the most harmful chemicals have not been legal since sometime in 1970 and other chemicals are known to be from non-stick pots and pans, various beauty products, and clothing or furniture.

Researchers explain that pregnant women are exposed to far too many potentially harmful chemicals, and additional policies may need to be implemented to protect pregnant women and the baby in the womb.

Additional research is being conducted to determine the primary sources of various chemicals and to figure out whether or not they can be avoided.