Sitting Down May Cause Heart Disease

Sitting for extended periods of time may increase disease risks

A new study published in the European Heart Journal online explains that sitting down may be detrimental to heart health and waist size.

The study shows a correlation between the amount of time individuals spend sitting down and indicating factors for heart disease and obesity.

Short bouts of moderate exercise did not seem to help as much, as lengthy sedentary time proved to show poor cardio-metabolic function, larger waistlines, poor cholesterol numbers, and heightened levels of blood fat (triglycerides).

Individuals who spent less time sitting had smaller waistlines and less overall blood fat.

The study analyzed individuals over a seven day period and found that the range of sedentary time and number of breaks is staggering. On the low end, sedentary time was less than 2 hours per day, and more than 21 hours per day on the high end. Over the week-long study, one individual took a total of 1,258 breaks and the least number of breaks was only 99.

Most people understand the importance of performing physical exercise, but the potential negative impact that prolonged sedentary time can have is just being studied.

Experts suggest taking phone calls standing up, using the stairs instead of an elevator, and walking to relay messages to colleagues instead of using the phone or an email.