Cerebral Palsy May Be Treated Using Stem-Cells

Stem-cells may be used to treat conditions like cerebral palsy

A new, controversial stem-cell treatment may be the answer to treating cerebral palsy.

Being born three months prematurely, a now two-year-old girl, Savanna, will receive stem cells from her baby brother’s umbilical cord in attempts to treat her condition.

Stem-cell research has been an object of a lot of press, and this may be a situation where it can improve the lives of not only the young children, but the entire families as well.

At Duke University if North Carolina, scientists have performed successful clinical studies using stem-cells and believe this may be a time when their research can help.

Researching further, the mother discovered doctors were treating cerebral palsy in California using stem-cells.

Analyzing an MRI of Savanna’s brain, doctors noticed a black spot on her brain. Lack of oxygen at birth may have caused this, as it should be grey matter.

Researchers explain that stem-cells can be used to treat a variety of conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, since the cells arrive at the ‘dead’ spot and effectively take-over and start growing.

The family is working to raise additional money for the treatment, and hope to be able to treat Savanna as early as next month.