New Breathing Exercises Help Individuals With Panic Disorders

New treatment can help normalize breathing for individuals with panic disorders

New programs being developed can help individuals suffering from panic disorders by reducing negative symptoms and helping to regulate breathing.

New studies show this newer treatment method to be more effective than conventional cognitive therapy methods for reduction of hyperventilation and panic symptoms.

This new method is called Capnometry-Assisted Respiratory Training (CART). This method teaches patients about breathing and provides a way to reverse hyperventilation.

Hyperventilation is caused when an individual experiences several rapid breaths and typically happens in individuals suffering from panic disorders.

Researchers discovered the CART method to offer a therapeutic change in carbon dioxide which changes panic symptoms, but it does not change panic symptoms themselves.

For this exercise, individuals perform breathing exercises two times per day. Devices are used to gauge CO2 levels.

The primary goal of these breathing exercises is to decrease the occurrence of hyperventilation related symptoms. This can be accomplished by slower and more shallow breathing. While many believe taking deep breaths can help hyperventilation, it actually worsens the symptoms.