Getting A Good Night’s Sleep Makes You More Attractive

Individuals who sleep more are perceived as more attractive

Researchers in Sweden explain that there is a very inexpensive yet very effective way of looking gorgeous — get more sleep. While originally believed a myth, the common term ‘beauty sleep’ actually has scientific proof backing it.

The authors of the study explain the belief that people need to always be working, studying, or awake has caused a drastic increase in sleep disorders.

With this study, researchers worked to find a link between the perception of health or attractiveness in relation to the amount of sleep a person gets.

The study analyzed 23 young, non-smoking people between 18 and 31 years old. Each individual had their picture taken two different days. One picture was taken after a good night of sleep, and the other picture was taken after having a poor night of sleep (sleep deprived).

Every picture was taken in the same room using the same camera, distance, and lighting. Facial expressions for the photographs were neutral and relaxed.

Additionally, 65 individuals with no knowledge of sleep status of each participant were asked to rate each picture on: attractiveness, tiredness, health.

In nearly every case, photographs of individuals who slept more the night before were perceived as more attractive and healthier.

Researchers conclude this study to be effective at measuring perception on appearance in terms of sleep or lack thereof. Additional research is being conducted.