Diet Choices Drastically Differ Between Parents, Children

Noticeable differences exist between parent and children diet intake

Many believe parents have a large influence on how and what a child eats. However, mixed results are present when evaluating prior eating habit differences between parents and children.

For this study, researchers from Johns Hopkins evaluated data since 1980 involving similarities between parent and children diet choices and intake.

Whole originally believed to have a strong correlation, parent-child diet choices have shown vast differences in recent studies, including this one. A large reason for this may be due to the variety of influences on a child’s dietary intake including friends, school, and personal ideas.

Additionally, researchers explain the need for parents to make healthy meals and meal selections when preparing food for the family.

Authors explain this study to be a great starting point at digging deeper into additional relationships between parents and children in terms of diet choices and intake.

While the study helped to inform about the general principles, additional research is required on the basis of regions, races, gender, and other factors that may influence diet choices.