Improve Sex Life With 5 Easy Exercises

Man performs dumbbell bent-over-rows

While many men turn to a magic pill to help their lives, quick changes can make lasting improvements by incorporating a handful of easy exercises.

Studies have shown that physical fitness is directly related to an increased libido, but there’s more.

Researchers have discovered that certain exercises are more beneficial than others when it comes to sexual performance in men.

The 5 Best “Sexercises”

  1. Push-ups – This exercise works both chest and triceps. This exercise provides a ‘pumped up’ feeling.
  2. Sit-ups (abdominals) – Next to push-ups, abdominal muscles are critical for overall health, sexually or otherwise. When having sex, abdominal muscles are almost constantly contracting and releasing. Pair some kind of abdominal exercise with a pushing (push-ups) exercise.
  3. Leg extensions – Working quadriceps (front of thigh) muscle will help improve flexibility and strength.
  4. Twisting movements – Perform side-bends or some other oblique (side abdominal) movement. This will improve range of motion and spinal strength.
  5. Lat-pulls or rows – Performing either (or both) of these exercises will strengthen back muscles and promote a strong upper body.

A group of simple exercises that can be performed in less than 30 minutes.

Researchers strongly suggest discussing any workout or diet changes with a doctor or health professional beforeĀ  beginning.