Lower Cholesterol Found In Diabetic Brains

Diabetics lack proper cholesterol content in the brain

While cholesterol generally carries a negative connotation, it is vital for proper functioning in the brain, and much of the cholesterol in the brain is produced there as well. A study in Cell Metabolism explains how cholesterol synthesis may be lacking in the brain of mice that have diabetes.

This study may reveal new findings about cognitive functioning issues in individuals with diabetes.

Uncontrolled diabetes often leads to dysfunction in the brain, and researchers believe this can be directly related to poor control of blood glucose.

For the study, researchers analyzed changes in the brains of mice. They found a specific gene, SREBP-2, was reduced in the brains of mice showing insulin deficiency. Decreases in the gene ended up reducing cholesterol production in the brain.

These findings were directly related to insulin and brain cells. When mice received insulin injections, the brain cholesterol levels returned to normal.

Researchers explain this study to present valid research as to why individuals with diabetes should actively control blood sugar levels.