Excess Stomach Fat May Increase Osteoporosis Risk In Women

Women with additional stomach fat have lower bone density

Women with high levels of stomach fat may be at a higher risk for osteoporosis as well. Research presented at a Radiological Society of North America meeting explained how belly fat may be detrimental to bone health of women.

For the study, 50 premenopausal women, many of them obese, researchers found women with more belly fat to have higher osteoporosis risk due to having lower bone mineral density.

Researchers explain that women with ‘deep belly fat’, or those considered obese in the abdomen, are at a greater risk for bone loss later in life.

While previous studies explained additional body fat may prevent bone loss, the findings presented here differ.

Another interesting finding was that types of body fat affect bone density differently. Women with additional intra-abdominal fat, or ‘deep belly fat’, experienced less bone density than women with excess subcutaneous fat, or fat that is just beneath the skin.

Additional risk factors produced by having excess deep belly fat include various types of heart disease and diabetes.

Researchers are unaware of an ideal method to lose a certain type of fat, but suggest overall fat loss to be effective.