Soy Supplement May Prevent Spread Of Prostate Cancer

Soy derivative (genistein) may prevent prostate cancer from spreading

Researchers have discovered a soy derivative that may prevent prostate cancer from spreading throughout the body. This drug, discovered by researchers at Northwestern University, is nontoxic and is formulated from chemicals in soy.

The chemical is called genistein and is completely natural. In lab tests, the chemical has been shown to prevent the spread and metastasis of prostate cancer cells. Original tests performed on animals proved promising, and preliminary studies on humans are encouraging for researchers.

A new study evaluated 38 men who had localized prostate cancer. The men supplemented with genistein, one pill per day for one month, before they were to have surgery. This supplementation showed to have positive effects on cancer cells in the prostate.

Examining cancer cells post-surgery, the genistein supplement proved to increase genes that prevent cancer cells and decreased genes known to cause and spread cancer cells.

Seeking an answer about whether or not this drug is effective, researchers explained the first study to be a success. Additional research is required to conclude whether or not the drug can completely prevent the spread of prostate cancer throughout the body.

This therapy could be the first completely non-toxic therapy that prevents cancer cells from spreading.

Until now, all cancer prevention methods have either been toxic or not effective. Further research on this drug may lead to preventing the spread of other cancers as well.