Laptop Usage May Harm Sperm Quality

Laptop usage may negatively affect sperm health

Elevated testicle temperature can drastically affect sperm quality and fertility in men. A United States study published in Fertility and Sterility reveals laptop use as a primary cause of scrotal hyperthermia, or increase in testicle temperature.

Researchers explain these dangers are still present even if using a protective pad. Effective prevention methods include placing a laptop on a desk for use, or limiting use to less than 30 minutes at a time.

For the study, 29 healthy men volunteered to be tested for scrotal hyperthermia based on laptop usage.

The goal was to find any correlation between laptop positioning and scrotal temperature. Participants were asked to use a laptop for 60 minutes for three different sessions. For each session, the laptop was placed differently for the user.

Authors of this study explain an increase in scrotal temperature regardless of laptop position or leg position.

Researchers discovered increases in scrotal temperature in just over 10 minutes when a laptop was placed directly on the lap without a pad. With direct contact to the lap with the laptop, scrotal temperature rose as much as 2.5 degrees C.

However, when using a pad and sitting with legs apart, scrotal temperature increased less than 1.5 degrees C. Even this increase may be cause of alarm, however.

It is recommended to use a laptop on a desk, or place the laptop so it does not directly sit on the lap.