Cholesterol From Egg Yolks Far From Harmless, Study Shows

Egg yolks can contain nearly twice the daily recommended cholesterol

Researchers warn about the dangers of cholesterol, and claim the egg yolk to be a hidden danger.

A single egg yolk may contain as much as 300mg of cholesterol, or about 150 percent of the recommended value for individuals at risk of cardiovascular disease.

Three physicians released a report in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology expressing these findings.

A common misconception is that eggs contain little to no cholesterol, or the cholesterol found in an egg yolk is harmless. Researchers explain this misconception as egg companies effectively marketing, but it may be misleading.

Understanding the differences between fasting cholesterol and dietary cholesterol may help provide additional information about this theory. In the report, experts explain a study where individuals consumed one egg each day and were relatively unharmed. However, the individuals who eventually developed diabetes during their consumption of one egg per day, also increased their risk for developing cardiovascular disease.

Researchers continue to explain the benefits and quality of egg whites, but caution intake of egg yolks. Individuals who have high cholesterol or high blood pressure, or those individuals at risk for cardiovascular disease are cautioned to limit egg yolk intake to less than one per week.