Link Between Height And Testicular Cancer

Height may increase the risk of testicular cancer

A study published in the British Journal of Cancer may show a link between height and testicular cancer. While the average height is 5 feet 9 inches, researchers claim for each additional 2 inches, testicular cancer risk may increase by 13 percent.

Testicular cancer risk in the UK is about 1 in 210, so the increased risk originally appears to be minuscule.

Researchers explain testicular cancer to be one of the rarest forms of cancer when compared to other cancers. Less than 2000 men are diagnosed annually in the UK, and testicular cancer is curable after it has spread. Because of that, cure rates for testicular cancer are as high as 98 percent, allowing individuals at least another 10 years of life.

The data shows an increase in height may affect risks of testicular cancer, but experts are unsure why the link exists.

A point was also made that men should not be overly alarmed by these findings. Also, less than 4 percent of lumps in the testicles are cancerous.

However, the disease appears more common in men under 35 years old, so any changes to size or weight of testicles should be examined.

Experts still have very little information supporting this theory. In addition, the causes of testicular cancer are still very murky.

It is suggested to maintain a healthy lifestyle and seek professional insight if any drastic changes do occur to the body.