Prevent Bone Density Loss Using Vibration Therapy, Study

Vibration therapy may improve bone density

With age comes bone density loss, and this may be reduced using a full-body vibration therapy, researchers from Medical College of Georgia suggest.

When analyzing mice with the age-equivalence of about 60 year old humans, bone loss appeared to be reduced performing daily vibration sessions of 30 minutes each for a completely duration of 12 weeks. Reducing bone loss can help prevent fractures, increase mobility, and also increase independence as people age.

Researchers noticed improvements near the hip joint and bones of the leg. Also, a decrease of certain aspects known to cause bone breakdown were present.

Vibration therapy has been around for centuries, and provides an effective therapy for individuals with prior injuries or already limited mobility.

This therapy provides vibrations comparable to a cell phone vibration, but covers the entire body. Vibrating creates movement of cells, releasing new osteoblasts, or bone-making cells.

Another interesting finding was noted when analyzing small fractures. Originally believed to be painful for an injured person, performing this therapy on an injury site as fresh as 2-weeks old has been explained as ‘soothing’ rather than painful. This finding alone may be grounds for new research.

Researchers explain how vibration therapy is not as effective as performing cardiovascular exercise, but has been known to aid in weight loss and muscle growth and strength.