Seemingly Natural, Safe Weight-Loss Products Dangerous

Natural weight loss supplements may not actually be "natural"

People seeking a fast answer for weight problems have caused a strong desire for less-than-effective weight loss products. In fact, a Hong Kong study showed 66 different cases where a person was poisoned by what claimed to be a “natural” solution for weight loss. The study can be found in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology also explained 8 of the 66 became incredibly ill and one person ended up dying.

After analyzing ingredients found in the 81 products the individuals in this study had taken, researchers discovered 12 components which could be grouped into 5 categories: drugs not declared for weight loss, unlicensed copies of declared drugs for weight loss, thyroid hormone drugs, misrepresented drugs, and banned drugs.

While many believe a natural drug is safe, it is not always the case. Every natural substance is not harmless, and some natural substances have unnatural components as well.

Experts suggest fewer people would be willing to take what they believe to be a natural substance if they truly understood the risks from taking such a drug.

The ability for the public to purchase these supplements so easily, due to being over-the-counter, creates a handful of problems in the long run.

Doctors explain the lone solution for this problem is to prevent the purchase of these drugs. Whether that be through added knowledge to the public, government intervention, or creating stricter guidelines on manufactured supplements, especially for weight loss.