Long-Term Physical Activity Provides Drastic Health Benefits

Lifelong activity provides excellent health benefits

Senior skiers who have been active their entire life have double the capacity for oxygen-uptake when compared with seniors who do not exercise as shown in a study at Mid Sweden University.

Research shows humans who maintain high physical activity levels notice greater potential for a higher quality of life as they age. High physical activity levels can be described as consistent exercise, four to seven days per week for 30 to 60 minutes per session.

The study evaluated elderly skiers, some topping the charts at over the age of 90.

Oxygen capacity levels in active seniors are comparable to that of men 30 to 40 years younger who are not active. Young men submitted to muscle samples for researchers to determine differences.

Oxygen values this high have never been reported before in men as old as those in this study.

Further research is necessary, but experts believe life-long exercise to always provide tremendous benefits.