September Mold Count Severely Elevated In Chicago

Chicago mold counts up 162 percent in September

Air quality warnings take place when mold count reaches 50,000. Currently, the mold count in Chicago is over 81,000.

The mold count is highest of the season today, and higher than it has been for the last five years.

Doctors explain how those with a sensitive respiratory system or severe allergies may experience difficulty breathing, the feeling of a heavy chest, and fatigue due to this mold count.

These numbers are related strictly to the outside air. If a home has experienced water damage from flooding, chances are the mold count is higher in the home as well.

Doctors recommend those with asthma to remain indoors as possible, and make sure to get enough rest. Also, those with allergies should take medications and make sure to drink enough fluids.

The increased mold count can be attributed to severe winds, thunderstorms, recent hot weather, and the humidity boost during September in Chicago.