Breast Cancer Causes Sexual Dysfunction In Most Women

Nearly 70 percent of women experience sexual dysfunction after breast cancer

After having breast cancer, nearly 70 percent of women experience some sexual dysfunction, a report in the Journal of Sexual Medicine explains. Women experienced many changes — libido, body image, sexual satisfaction, and symptoms similar to those caused by menopause — all related to some treatments for breast cancer.

For the study, the sexual health of 1,700 women was analyzed for nearly two years after being diagnosed and initially treated for breast cancer.

About 80 percent of women explained to have had a good sex life prior to being diagnosed with breast cancer. Two years following being diagnosed and initially treated, 70 percent of women, up to the age of 70, explained to have some sexual dysfunction.

Many of the women experiencing sexual issues were worried about body image. The study also explained specific treatments for breast cancer did raise chances of having symptoms like those from menopause.

Researchers explain how some therapies, adjuvant endocrine in particular, may help prevent certain menopausal symptoms and work to restore proper sexual function.