Less Than One in Four Young Men Receive Sexual Counseling

Teenage boys appear very unlikely to receive sexual health counseling

Less than 25 percent of young men, aged 15 to 19, were provided information from a professional about sexually transmitted disease and HIV. Also, according to the same study in the Journal of Adolescent Health, less than 20 percent of young men received information about contraception, or birth control.

Some reports claim upwards of 67 percent of young women who are sexually active receive counseling about sexual health and birth control methods, but the numbers are not so high when it comes to young men.

This information was gathered from 1,121 teenage boys who completed a survey about any counseling on sexual health, if any, they were provided in the year prior.

Young men claiming to have more than two female sexual partners or having anal or oral sex with a male partner appeared more likely to have professional counseling about sexual health.

Researchers explain how the sexual counseling system is setup and how it fails to address young men.