Most Men With Genital Piercings Are Considered Average, Study Shows

Males with genital piercings fit into the general population demographics

A new study discovered the average man having a genital piercing is 31 years old, white, heterosexual, has a college education, and makes over $36,000 per year. The study, performed at Texas Tech University, worked to uncover stereotypes about genital piercings.

Most believe only strange or low-class men would get a genital piercing. Looking at the data, researchers determined these men to be very average within the general population.

This study used data collected from 445 men. Information was gathered about risk behaviors, experiences, and motives for getting a genital piercing.

Researchers noted that 89 percent of men surveyed were white.

Over 80 percent of the men were heterosexual and did not do drugs.

Nearly 75 percent claimed to have some college education, and 20 percent had a higher education degree.

More than 50 percent earned over $45,000 per year, and 41 percent of the men were married.

Researchers also found 28 percent of men to describe their religious faith as “strong.”

This study determined males who get genital piercings to be well within the general population demographics.