Study Shows a Link Between Vitamin B and Brain Function

Vitamin B may influence brain function

Scientists are researching the effects of vitamin B-6, B-12, and folate on the brain.

Researchers are working to determine whether or not these vitamins and nutrients have any role in preventing a deterioration in brain function.

For this study, almost 1,800 people between 60 and 101 years old volunteered to help over a long term period.

Until now, scientists mention how much fluctuation exists with studies of similar nature.

While analyzing samples of blood from the volunteers, researchers noticed an association between low levels of folate and dementia symptoms, along with lack of brain function. Although fewer than 1 percent were folate deficient, this reduction was visible.

Depression symptoms were evident in women when having low folate levels. Female volunteers with the lowest folate levels, noticed an increase in likelihood of having depressive symptoms by over 200 percent. This information links low blood folate levels and depression, as depression has already been proven to influence brain function.

Researchers are investigating further to determine if any additional relationships exist.