Study Reveals Staggering Increase of Tap Water Usage in Bottles

Tap faucet pouring water into a glass

An interesting study was released by the Food & Water Watch, explaining that almost 50% of all bottled water purchased in the United States is actually just tap water that companies bottle and sell to consumers making massive margins.

Tap water usage in bottles has increased over 15% since 2000, from 32.7% (2000) to a staggering 47.8% (2009).

The discussion is one of interest to many. Taxpayers are spending money to treat water which is then being bottled and sold to companies for several dollars per gallon. However, bringing that same water into a consumer’s home costs just pennies on the dollar.

Food & Water Watch executive director, Wenonah Hauter explains, “These are the numbers the bottled water industry does not want you to see.” She goes on to explain that bottled water is more or less the exact same product that is being poured out of your faucet at home, but the price tag is far from similar.

Unfortunately, this inexpensive product is being packaged in bottles that are harmful to the environment, and then being sold for hundreds and thousands of times its value.

While many groups hope to spread interest about bottled water, the fact remains that water quality, bottled or not, is not examined as closely as it needs to be.